2021 Well Grounded Board

The entry into 2021 has marked a period of reflection and planning for Well Grounded. Despite the pandemic, the show has rolled on, with ambitious plans to continue growing the team, the quantity of services offered, and most importantly, the number of people trained and supported by the organisation. This year we will support over 200 people into work, our biggest target yet.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Neurodiversity Celebration Week - What is Neurodiversity? The term ‘Neurodiversity’ is relatively new, and fairly umbrella - so what exactly does it mean? Neurodiversity refers to a broad spectrum of variations that can occur within the human brain - as Autism UK puts it, there is an “infinite variation in neurocognitive function within our species.”

Reflections on Specialty Coffee

Reflections on Specialty Coffee by Saleem, Sis, and Olivia The COVID19 pandemic has shifted the way the world works. It has disrupted industries, rearranged governments, and changed daily life in ways that may stick with us for a long time. The specialty coffee industry was not immune to the effects of the pandemic. Like

Supporting Sustainability and Fair Pay in Green Coffee Amidst a Global Economic Downturn

Supporting Sustainability and Fair Pay in Green Coffee Amidst a Global Economic Downturn By Stuart Ritson, Specialty Coffee Consultant “While the Great Depression did little for the average American wallet, it was actually something of a boost for the coffee industry, if not in terms of quality at least in terms of quantity of

Baristas Back Into Work

Baristas Back into Work Dear Barista,  So you’ve got a trial shift or an interview coming up and you’re feeling a bit nervous. That’s okay!  We’ve all felt butterflies in our stomachs the moment before we begin a conversation with a potential employer or hop behind the bar for a trial shift. It’s totally

The Regulars Will Be Back

The Regulars Will Be Back by Rob Robinson, co-founder of Notes Coffee Coffee shops, restaurants, bars - oh how I miss you. Let me count the ways: I miss my flat white. Sure, I can grab and go during lockdown. But… I miss my Thai green curry. The delivery just isn’t the same. I miss

A message from our CEO

A message from our CEO In the wake of Coronavirus, Well Grounded temporarily halted all face to face training and transitioned its aftercare services online in just a week, following a rise in demand for its support services.  Our CEO writes about the last 2 months at Well Grounded. "On the 18th of March Well

Handy Work

Handy Work Oh hey! It’s Aashifa speaking, it has been a while since we last caught up on here. I hope you are in the best of health, drinking a coffee that you like, and have indulged in some self care. For this blog post we want you to kick your feet back as we