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Well Grounded is a Speciality Coffee Training Academy, changing lives.

We link people looking for work with an industry looking for talent. As London’s first social enterprise solely focused on developing talent within the speciality coffee industry, Well Grounded is on a mission to support Londoners into employment as Baristas.



Thank you for the chance to be on Well Grounded. Before we started the course I was really lost… I’ve been through so much I just couldn’t do it anymore, I felt close to just giving up, 100% life sucked. But then Well Grounded came, and you knew my past and you just treated me like a normal person. You really helped give me that extra push, and made me believe it’s not too late for me to make something of myself. For the first time in 10 years I can honestly say I’m happy with the way things are going in my life.

Thomas , Barista and Roasting assistant at Old Spike Roastery

I am a refugee from Yemen and had to seek asylum after fleeing the civil war in my home country. I came to the UK and had to start all over again. Well Grounded is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I don’t know what I would have done without it. I’m working two jobs at Notes Coffee and The Ethiopian Coffee Company to learn as much about coffee as I can. My dream is to source coffee directly from Yemen and support women at origin.

Rasha, Barista at Notes Coffee and The Ethiopian Coffee Company

Working with Well Grounded has been an amazing experience throughout, from meeting and employing qualified, friendly, enthusiastic, upbeat and professional staff, to talking to students that want to learn, are focused on their goals and want to share their knowledge. Having Well Grounded at Vagabond also increased customers interest in coffee creating a great atmosphere.

Povilas Petrauskas, Owner at Vagabond Coffee Roastery

Danielle shows such determination. If she carries on I have no doubt she will be a very valuable to us and my plans for Blighty’s coffee. Since I started training people at Blighty I haven’t seen anyone progress as quickly as Danielle nor have I seen anyone have such drive to get better – I love seeing that! It’s a testament to what you guys are doing at Well Grounded and I absolutely support you.

Ed Yarnton, Co-Founder at Blighty Coffee

Well Grounded offers an exceptional standard of training, including both the technical side of the speciality coffee industry and the so-called soft skills central to service, which we as employers so often take for granted. Their graduates benefit from access to a growing and rewarding sector of the hospitality trade, and we benefit from new and energetic talent.

Robert Robinson, Co-Founder at Notes