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We are a small but perfectly formed team of passionate individuals, all bringing our unique set of skills and expertise to deliver the best for our beneficiaries, the industry and the community.

Eve, Founder & CEO

Eve has worked for 15 years in the voluntary sector across education, youth employment, and social inclusion programmes. She believes everyone should be supported into meaningful employment. Her coffee of choice, a V60 from Ozone Coffee Roasters – the first people to believe in WG’s mission.

Sonja, Managing Director

Sonja comes from a multi-faceted background in management consulting, commodities trading and most recently took a retail specialty coffee brand from concept to full operations in Singapore and London. She is passionate about supporting women and working mothers in the coffee industry and won’t start her day without a flat white.

Darshika, Head of Partnerships & Communications

Darshika has over ten years of omnichannel marketing, advertising and digital project management experience across Australia and the UK. She thrives on helping people cultivate their own confidence and independence whilst learning new skills in coffee. Off-duty, Darshika enjoys an oat flat white whilst seeking sustainable travel destinations and delicious new cuisines.

Mike, Director of Operations & Performance

Mike started his career in hospitality straight from school and has held various roles in the industry both operationally and in learning and development in large and small organisations. He has progressed through roles in work-based learning, as a college lecturer and standards developer. Mike’s love of coffee really grew when he worked in New Zealand, training with the local roaster.  Mike’s favourite coffee is a simple Americano.

Aashifa, Senior Coffee Trainer

Aashifa has over three years of experience in the coffee industry, she enjoys imparting knowledge, and curating exceptional coffee sensory experiences. When she is not brewing coffee she spends her time volunteering as a Girl Guide Leader and is ear-deep in podcasts. When it comes to coffee, Aashifa is partial to Colombian filters. Aashifa is a Graduate from a Well Grounded traineeship in 2017.

Kieran, Progressions Coordinator

Kieran spent several years working in Italy for an education association, focussed on language teaching. His passion for education is matched only by his love for coffee, which has led him to firstly pursue it through his studies at university in the Netherlands, and later professionally as a barista. He can often be found sipping an espresso in the window of a coffee shop, with a film camera around his neck.

Henry Website Picture

Henry, Marketing & Partnerships Executive

Henry studied Philosophy at University and has had the ambition to enter the third-sector since volunteering at Battersea Cats and Dogs home as a teenager. He has since written for other organisations within the non-for-profit world. When he’s not working, Henry edits and runs an online magazine for young creatives. His coffee order is a flat white – although, he secretly prefers tea.

Lindsey, Non-Executive Chair

Lindsey is passionate about working with organisations that deliver on their promises. Lindsey co-founded the Homeless FA before joining Street League where she is Managing Director. Always keen to learn; she loves reading, meeting new people, and has achieved her doctorate and MBA. She can often be found enjoying a filter coffee in London’s coffee shops along with her dog Arthur.

Rasha, Non-Executive Director

As a graduate of Well Grounded herself, Rasha’s knowledge of the organisation and the programmes we run is inherent. With coffee experience garnered over multiple countries including Rwanda and Italy, and a Master’s degree in Economics and Coffee Sciences, there is no doubting Rasha’s extensive coffee knowledge. Empowering women from her native country, Yemen, and working with the Ministry of Human Rights complete her unique and impressive CV. Favourite coffee: black filter.

Marta, Non-Executive Director

Marta’s journey to becoming the Managing Director of the hottest bakery chain in London, GAIL’s, started over 15 years ago when she started her career in hospitality. Her plethora of experience gives her an unrivalled knowledge of growth within the hospitality sector. Leading empowered teams and helping people to achieve their goals motivated Marta to bring her knowledge to the Well Grounded table. Favourite coffee: GAIL’s filter

Yvonne, Non-Executive Director

Yvonne is an award winning leader of social value impact and sustainability. As the Managing Director of Curado, and with well over 20 years of multi-sector experience, she is committed to driving growth in businesses that matter. Favourite coffee: latte (when she isn’t drinking tea).

Andrew, Non-Executive Director

A long and successful career in private equity fundraising has led Andrew to turn his skillset to focus on investing into companies with the intent to contribute to measurable positive social or environmental impact. His resumé is crammed full of amazing successes, the knowledge behind which we are very excited to see impacting Well Grounded’s growth. Favourite coffee: anything strong and black.

Sara, Non-Executive Director

Sara has well over a decade’s worth of experience in Strategic Brand Marketing, and as the Head of Brand at Coco Di Mama she is well and truly a native to the Coffee Industry. Her corporate experience in coffee, along with her work in social enterprise and youth unemployment makes Sara a perfect fit for the Well Grounded family. Favourite coffee: Oat long black