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Safeguarding Policy


Well Grounded has a duty under section 11 of the Children Act 2004 to ensure that their activities, and services provided on their behalf, are discharged with regard to the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. For the sake of the work we do, we follow the policy for all ages. 

Well Grounded also has the responsibility to work with partners to ensure that adults, who are at risk of abuse, receive protection and support.

Well Grounded is committed to ensuring that all children and adults are protected and kept safe from harm. We have a responsibility to safeguard and promote the well-being of children and adults so that they enjoy a safe and positive environment free from harassment and bullying, however, we recognise that not all children and adults have positive experiences in their life. 

We are committed to our role to promote the welfare of children and adults by encouraging good practice. 

Policy Aims

The aims of this policy are to: 

  • Guide and support effective implementation of policies and procedures as well as the maintenance of systems to safeguard children and adults during Well Grounded’s activities.
  • Provide confidence in Well Grounded’s policies and practice in respect of the safe supervision of children and adults at risk. 
  • Ensure that children/adults and their parents have confidence in Well Grounded policies and practices in respect of the safe supervision of children and adults at risk.
  • Ensure that concerns about abuse are reported promptly to the appropriate authorities.
  • Assist all employees, Apprentices, volunteers, trustees, visitors, partners and contractors involved in Well Grounded’s activities to recognise and respond to the signs of possible abuse, and to protect themselves against allegations of abuse. 
  • Ensure that Well Grounded’s role and responsibility in protecting children and adults at risk from abuse is clear.
  • Raise awareness of issues and procedures around safeguarding children and adults at risk.

View our full Safegaurding Policy here