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Well Grounded provides barista training, qualifications and mentorship to people who are unemployed, not in education or in training. The aftercare programme transitions at least 70% into jobs in the specialty coffee industry in addition to providing further bespoke training, 121 coaching, advanced level qualifications and industry networking opportunities.
Adults at risk of long term unemployment have been supported
Trainees have Graduated from our accredited programmes with the Foundation Barista Qualification
Of Graduates have transitioned into work, education or further training
Hours of work experience completed by trainees


Barista at Gather & Gather

I used to be a chef/bar supervisor in 2 restaurant bars. Sadly due to a family tragedy my confidence went down to zero it changed everything about who I was and I had no energy and did not want to leave my house. Then one day by chance I saw a poster for Well Grounded and I thought what have I got to lose. I have been on a journey with Well Grounded, I have made great friends and the trainers have been so supportive. 


Barista at East London Cafe

I am a single mum of three and a domestic abuse survivor. My life changed after finding Well Grounded. I was all on my own, had to flee to a women’s refuge and Well Grounded offered me a chance to find a family and a purpose, and a reason to believe in myself. Pat is now working as a Barista in Poplar and hopes to run her own coffee caravan one day, serving delicious coffee and Jamaican inspired food to her community.


Barista at Prufrock Coffee

I tried looking for a barista role and all cafes wanted to take on people with experience. I had the passion but not the skills so it was really frustrating. Well Grounded steered me in the right direction. I had the passion for coffee but no experience and I’m not sure where I’d be without you guys! What Well Grounded does is give you a great base, a platform to flourish. It gave me a path to follow. It made me feel more secure.


CO-Owner at Vagabond Coffee Roastery

Working with Well Grounded has been an amazing experience throughout, from meeting and employing qualified, friendly, enthusiastic, upbeat and professional staff, to talking to students that want to learn, are focused on their goals and want to share their knowledge. Having Well Grounded at Vagabond also increased customers interest in coffee creating a great atmosphere.

Robert Robinson

Co-Founder at Notes

Well Grounded offers an exceptional standard of training, including both the technical side of the speciality coffee industry and the so-called soft skills central to service, which we as employers so often take for granted. Their graduates benefit from access to a growing and rewarding sector of the hospitality trade, and we benefit from new and energetic talent.