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Well Grounded provides barista training, qualifications and mentorship to people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET). The aftercare programme transitions at least 70% into jobs in the specialty coffee industry in addition to providing further bespoke training, 121 coaching, advanced level qualifications and industry networking opportunities.

Lorna, Manager at Beechall Coffee Co.

I used to be a chef/bar supervisor in 2 restaurant bars. Sadly due to a family tragedy my confidence went down to zero it changed everything about who I was and I had no energy and did not want to leave my house. Then one day by chance I saw a poster for Well Grounded and I thought what have I got to lose. I have been on a journey with Well Grounded, I have made great friends and the trainers have been so supportive.” Lorna worked her way up from a Barista and is now running Beechall Coffee Co. in Hackney.

Pat, Barista at East London Cafe

“I am a single mum of three and a domestic abuse survivor. My life changed after finding Well Grounded. I was all on my own, had to flee to a women’s refuge and Well Grounded offered me a chance to find a family and a purpose, and a reason to believe in myself.” Pat is now working as a Barista in Poplar and hopes to run her own coffee caravan one day, serving delicious coffee and Jamaican inspired food to her community.

Ben, Coffee Trainer at Climpson & Sons

“I tried looking for a barista role and all cafes wanted to take on people with experience. I had the passion but not the skills so it was really frustrating. Well Grounded steered me in the right direction. I had the passion for coffee but no experience and I’m not sure where I’d be without you guys! What Well Grounded does is give you a great base, a platform to flourish. It gave me a path to follow. It made me feel more secure.” Ben worked as a Barista for a few years, including at Prufock, whilst developing his technical skills and getting involved in the coffee scene.”

Rob, Co-Founder of Notes

Well Grounded offers an exceptional standard of training, including both the technical side of the speciality coffee industry and the so-called soft skills central to service, which we as employers so often take for granted. Their graduates benefit from access to a growing and rewarding sector of the hospitality trade, and we benefit from new and energetic talent.