To celebrate a very successful 8-week Specialty Barista Traineeship in partnership with Gather & Gather, our graduates ran a pop-up cafe inside La Marzocco HQ in London. We were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support from all our friends and partners who came along, not to mention all our previous graduates. It was truly a family affair. The event kicked off with trainees serving up espresso-based coffees from the ‘Top Shots’ bar and expertly brewed V60s from the ‘Infiltrators’ bar.


The second part of the day was taken over by Rasha, Tom and Aashifa – who have been working in the specialty coffee industry for a year since they graduated from the Well Grounded Traineeship. Rasha hosted a cupping with some of her favourite coffees from Falcon Coffee while talking about different processing methods. Tom and Aashifa brewed up some coffee that Tom had roasted himself and shared their own personal journey’s through coffee.

Finally, we brought the celebrations to a close with the finalists of the Berlin competition presenting their entries. More about the winning entry here. Seeing the confidence and progress of our graduates build strength upon strength is truly inspiring. Each with their own story to tell and utterly unique personalities that we have grown to know and adore. The Well Grounded family is growing, thank you for being a part of it.