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We know it’s hard to find and retain talent. We are here to make life easier for you.

We link employers with trained Well Grounded graduates who have a passion for the coffee industry.

Our ongoing mentorship and Graduate network ensures staff stay in work longer and are constantly developing new skills.

Our Graduates can be found working in a range of cafes across London including Dose Espresso, Notes Coffee, Old Spike Roastery, Blighty Coffee, Vagabonds and many more.

Our approach

  • Accessible for all (mentorship and multiple learning styles)

  • Affordable (with additional subsidies, just ask)

  • Hospitality focused (getting people ready for work)

  • Progressive (we develop talent in the industry)

  • Specialist (accredited with SCA)


Work Placements

A great way to access new talent with no risk to your business.

Trainees receive speciality Training for 4 weeks, before completing a 100 hour free work placement at your café.

Introduction to Coffee, Foundation Barista, Foundation Sensory & Foundation Brew.

A focus on key strengths needed for work in hospitality.

Our hope is that you will want to offer them a job. Our track record says you will, with 86% of all trainees still working with their placement employer. The Apprenticeship is also a great next step for those dedicated to developing in coffee. All our trainees join our Graduate network and receive ongoing professional development, learning and employment support.

This programme is free to employers. There are no obligations during the programme to pay or offer employment to trainees. However, if you recruit your trainees after they have completed their work placement we ask for a payment of 150 and another 150 after a further 6 months to contribute towards their training and development costs.

Head Barista Apprenticeship

A year of training to Professional Standard

An opportunity to develop a new generation of coffee professionals. Government pays you directly to recruit, train and pay Apprentices.

1 year, training 1 day per week (intensive introduction on starting, to get them ready for work.)

Work at your café on a training wage throughout.

Head Barista Team Supervisor Level 3 Qualification. Multiple certificates from SCA across the entire diploma. The curriculum spans all elements of being a Head Barista from coffee knowledge and skills, to running a coffee bar, training staff, advanced sensory skills, financial management and quality assurance.

Ongoing mentorship and support for trainees and employers.

Free to the employer, free to the Apprentice.

Private Training

We also provide private training, ranging across all SCA qualifications (see our programmes page). Training is run by our Head of Coffee, an AST and Q Grader.


We are always looking for funding to support our work with hard to reach individuals. To sponsor an individual or to look at partnership sponsorship opportunities get in touch.

Working with Well Grounded has been an amazing experience throughout, from meeting and employing qualified, friendly, enthusiastic, upbeat and professional staff, to talking to students that want to learn, are focused on their goals and want to share their knowledge. Having Well Grounded at Vagabond also increased customers interest in coffee creating a great atmosphere.

Povilas Petrauskas, Owner at Vagabond Coffee Roastery

Danielle shows such determination. If she carries on I have no doubt she will be a very valuable to us and my plans for Blighty’s coffee. Since I started training people at Blighty I haven’t seen anyone progress as quickly as Danielle nor have I seen anyone have such drive to get better – I love seeing that! It’s a testament to what you guys are doing at Well Grounded and I absolutely support you.

Ed Yarnton, Co-Founder at Blighty Coffee

Well Grounded offers an exceptional standard of training, including both the technical side of the speciality coffee industry and the so-called soft skills central to service, which we as employers so often take for granted. Their graduates benefit from access to a growing and rewarding sector of the hospitality trade, and we benefit from new and energetic talent.

Robert Robinson, Co-Founder at Notes