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Well Grounded’s vision is of a society where people are thriving socially and economically in a diverse, dynamic and nurturing coffee industry. 

Well Grounded runs a series of Specialty Coffee Training Academies for adults facing barriers to employment. We empower people with the skills, training, mentorship and qualifications they need to access work in the specialty coffee industry. Our aftercare programme transitions over 70% of our Graduates into work, further training and education and provides ongoing free wellbeing and coffee training.

We support unemployed beneficiaries who have a range of complex needs (including neurodiversity, mental health issues, refugee status). We are a pan-London service, welcoming trainees to our virtual and face to face programmes from across the Capita with two Coffee Training Academies, in Camden and Tower Hamlets.

We know unemployment is rising, and those particularly impacted are the young, from lower social and economic backgrounds and the BAME community (Institute of Unemployment, 2021). Over 70% of our trainees are BAME people, and under 35, empowering a diverse talent pipeline. Well Grounded has an ambitious strategy to ensure systemic change in hiring and recruitment practices for the specialty hospitality industry, linking those impacted hardest by the pandemic to emerging jobs. 


Professional coffee training (SCA accredited)
Employabilty coaching and skills development
Work placement and mentoring
Programme aftercare and employment progression


Having people explicitly believe in my skillset. Thank you Sean. Having something in the work realm to talk about again became a strong social connection for me with others. Being challenged not to think of my learning style in a negative way. Thank you Darshika. Being inspired that ideas can grow and make a massive impact.

Gemma, Barista Graduate at Well Grounded

My highlight from the training was gaining a load of new skills and meeting some incredibly inspirational people.

Rhiannon, Barista at Penny Drop

Our trainee was the most well trained, motivated and supported trainee we ever had in all our years of business.

Linda Zubairi, Owner of Local Blend

Well Grounded offers an exceptional standard of training, including both the technical side of the speciality coffee industry and the so-called soft skills central to service, which we as employers so often take for granted. Their graduates benefit from access to a growing and rewarding sector of the hospitality trade, and we benefit from new and energetic talent.

Robert Robinson, Co-Founder at Notes

Not only are you supporting a company ‘doing good’ but who are carving out a niche in the service industry that has never been done before – not an easy task. By supporting Well Grounded and the trainees they have in your business you are on the way to becoming a company who cares about people, can make a difference to peoples lives and can actually say with honesty that you are giving back to the community.

Rory Doyle , Owner of Three Wheels Coffee




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